The current marketplace

Marbella Property Shop welcome enquiries from what we find are ever more informed clients in order to assist them in their property investment goal. It can be shown now that property prices from 2007 began to go in to free fall due to the worldwide economic climate and false speculation that created a most unstable market. The following 3 or 4 years saw nothing but price reductions until a gradual levelling off occurred. There were many over stretched sellers who were happy just to sell in order to escape their over stretched financial situation, but on the whole most of these are no longer a factor in the market. Many people who were interested in buying here on the Costa del Sol understandably put their desire on hold due to the uncertainty regarding property pricing. No one wanted to find that they bought in at a price that shortly afterwards looked over the top.

Moving through 2011 the shoots of recovery began to manifest themselves, prices began to inch ahead once more as buyer interest was rekindled and this was being converted in to buying action. Driven now by buyers across Europe, the Costa del Sol market once again has returned to prominence as a destination for those seeking to buy a dream home in the sun.

The first 6 months of 2014 saw the highest sales figures since 2007 and prices easing upwards as genuine buyer demand gains pace. Price increases at the present rate are sustainable as they are a more natural reflection of a traditional buyer market as opposed to those that are manipulated due to the over activity of property speculators.

Putting the plan into action

It is difficult at times for the potential buyer to evaluate property being displayed on the internet. Many agents do not keep their web site up to date and this can lead to hopes being dashed as perhaps a property has long been sold or the price now has been adjusted upwards. Research is an essential element of the exercise and dealing with a credible property agency is key. Looking at different areas and property is time well spent. A good agent will then be able to help you gauge the value for money and how close a property comes to your indicated criteria, when you visit to actually view homes. Only experience can do that. It is vital that you have a grasp of the costs involved should you find your perfect property. The costs should always be calculated on top of the purchase price. Once your budget is set and you are aware of the full buying costs, you are ready to begin your property search in earnest.

A good property agent does not have to have a large glitzy shop front, but ideally he would not be operating via a lap top and the boot of a car. Try to ensure that the company you opt for has longevity in the market, that they are a registered company and the message they put forward is more substance than sales pitch.

Marbella Property Shop are always willing to put that extra effort in to assist their clients in enjoying a seamless buying process from first contact to moving in to their new dream home and beyond. Elect for a company that welcomes questions and who pay attention to your indicated requirements, the objective is to find the property that works best for you the client not what is more advantageous for the agent. Do not be afraid to ask questions, a good agent will welcome them. Do not settle on a property unless any questions or doubts have been clarified to your full satisfaction. On certain points, a good agent will arrange for you to have a relaxed chat with a Lawyer so that your query can be addressed by a legal professional.

Once you have chosen an agent then do not be afraid to make him work! That is his job and he should welcome any input that you provide, it is that which should see him to do his upmost in order to adhere to your specific circumstances and requirements.