Nota Simple

What is a Nota Simple?

A Nota Simple is a report that is provided by the Property Registry and which describes the property. Information given on the property in question normally includes:

Confirmation of the actual current owner of the property.

The date when the current owner bought the property.

Details of any outstanding debts registered against the property e.g. mortgage, unpaid taxes or community fees.

The boundaries.

The total square metres of the plot and of the house on it if there is one.

The classification of the land- rustic, urbano or urbanisable.

The rights that others might have on the property e.g. public paths/ roads, sewage or water lines.

Here in Spain debts are attached to the property and not the owner of the property. A new buyer is made aware of these debts via the Nota Simple. The debts are normally cleared on completion from funds being received for the sale, by the sellers Lawyer. A Nota Simple should be provided by the seller when placing his property for sale.